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January 30, 2012

Everyone knows that college admissions are, like, you know, SO stressful.

When you’re about to check your schools’ decisions, and basically in every college-related moment leading up to that, very little else matters (at least, for the driven, college-bound people).  For some extra nerdy people, nothing matters.  In a split second, you can either have the best day ever, or be wallowing in self-pity for the rest of your hour, day, week, month, year, or life (to each his own…).

Of course, when you look back 10 years later (or 5, or 1), you realize how absurdly over-emotional you were.

Stress is no fun, and while you’re applying, colleges generally try their best to seem inviting, exciting, and like somewhere you want to be.   They put their best foot forward to lure you in, and wait until you get there to increase your anxiety and steal your social life (either for a semester, or for the day before every test and paper is due, depending on your study schedule, or lack thereof).

However, Vassar College decided to take a different angle on the whole “Come here, we love it, you’ll love it” angle and went for a new “We’re going to screw with your emotions right off the bat, and hope you come out loving us still at the end” approach.

A couple hundred poor early decision applications had their heart strings (and chains?) yanked by Vassar this application cycle.

Apparently, they accepted everyone!  

That’s right.  They didn’t take down their “tester” response letter from the website in time, and everyone who looked online saw that they were accepted to Vassar early decision.  A few hours later, they got an e-mail saying the correct decision was posted…but not after already jumping for joy, popping some champagne bottles, buying excessive amounts of Vassar gear, and telling the whole world (ummm….most awkward Facebook follow-up post ever)…………………….Oopsies!  Lol! JK! You can’t come 🙂

All I can say for sure is, this would NEVER have happened at an Ivy.  

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