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Who Knew!

February 1, 2012

Over the last 2 1/2 weeks, and through the last 14 hilarious posts on That’s Bananasss!, my silly little blog has had over 500 views.

Now THAT is really bananasss!!!

I don’t know what it says about you that you’re reading my blog, but I’m going to go with adjectives like “hilarious“, “witty“, “charming“, “intelligent“, “full of life“, “jolly“, and “downright darling” (you know, words that reflect both the writer and readers alike).

Thank you to all my wonderful readers and supporters. AND PLEASE, DON’T STOP READING. I promise there is more goodness to come. What do you do when you find the best bananas or cupcakes in town? YOU TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Maybe even a few deserving strangers!! So I implore you to shamelessly spread the love to all your friends, enemies, family, and frienemies, and keep your eyes peeled (LOL LIKE A BANANA GOOD PUN) for more delightful commentary on the silliest people in the world.




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