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You Sang to Me, Brie, Oh How You Sang to Me…

February 5, 2012

Everybody likes food. But some people LOVE food. Some may even say their food is so good, so delicious, so enjoyable, it speaks to them. And no, I don’t mean taking a piece of broccoli, flying it around in the air and saying “vrooooooooooooom vrooom vroooom vroom vrooooooooooooooom” (to this day I cannot eat broccoli any other way…it is really socially awkward…thanks mom and dad).

For people who don’t quite have that special connection with their food, who don’t quite feel the love, and who can’t quite get their food to whisper sweet nothings in their ear, meet Peter Daniels, the Cheese Man of Chelsea’s Westside Market.

To Brie or Not to Brie? That Is the Question...

It all started with a label problem — a little too much white space on the label. Of course, no one read the descriptions of the cheese that normally fill the void. So Sir Cheese decided to switch it up. He’s been sprucing up the cheese selection at Westside Market for a few years now by adding all sorts of quotations to the cheese labels — from poetry to wise words to popular songs.

If you really need some food-lovin’, take yourself on down to the Westside Market and pick up some cheese. Don’t know what to choose? Grab whichever one speaks to you the most (will it be Bob Marley? Shakespeare? Spice Girls? Let me know!)!

4 bananasss for Sir Cheese for creative usage of empty space, and for making cheese even better (who knew that was even possible?).

P.S. – Happy Super Bowl!


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