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Family Knows Best (Unless You’re Nuts, or It Involves Guns)

February 10, 2012

I’m going to continue today’s theme of family love.  Along with the saying we learned about in my last post, “sharing is caring“, I also ascribe to the saying, “don’t shoot your daughter’s computer with your gun because of a Facebook post.”

Haven’t heard of that one?

I made it up today.

A North Carolinian father read his daughter’s whiny Facebook post, and got really, really, really, really, really, really upset.

He didn’t just ground her, or revoke her privileges, or make her do chores…that’s so banal, and not nearly southern enough. Oh no.  This man took “discipline” to a whole new level (I am glad he is not MY daddy) — “somewhat psychotic parental crackdown“.

He created a 10-minute long YouTube video in which he reads his daughter’s post, he responds to each point individually, and, for the grand finale, tosses her laptop to the ground, and shoots it 10 times in a row.  Yes.  He shot his daughter’s laptop 10 times in a row with a gun.  A real gun.  Not a water gun.  Not a fake gun.  Not a Nerf gun.  Not a spitball [gun].  A real live gun.  With bullets.

I can’t really explain it any better…so I suggest you watch for yourself.

I’ve read a lot of news articles lately about crazy parents who do horrible things (leaving your children on the side of the road, for example)…I’ll just put this out there.  If you are absolutely nuts, or if you have any doubts about being able to parent in a sane manner, please, do not have children.  Spare society the head-shakes and eye-rolls and sighs.  If you’re one of these people, at the very least, don’t shoot your child’s computer (or your child, for that matter).

8 bananasss for the crazy southern daddy — a few for being histrionic, a couple for poor disciplining, and a couple more for not having the foresight to realize his daughter will hate him for the rest of her life (and if not all of it, a good portion of it).

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