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Doing It For Love – Not Always Okay

February 17, 2012

Valentine’s Day is a day on which people express love for other people. They send candies, flowers, personalized gifts, make dinner, go out, blah, blah, blah, etc. It’s usually pretty normal, kinda boring, and always the same stuff. Luckily, this world is filled with people who take life to the next level. Let’s start with the stupid, and then go to the really, really stupid.


A restraining order is…a restraining order. It’s generally pretty clear. It generally means, “STAY AWAY”. It generally means, “DO NOT CONTACT ME”. I’m assuming if you we’re married to someone, and then all of a sudden, you find yourself with a restraining order against you, unable to contact your wife, you kind of know why. Somewhere along the line, something happened. You fucked up, and now you’ve been banished. And it was probably explained really clearly to you by a cranky judge.

Ok, it’s true — often, people will do things if they’re not explicitly told not to do them. Which is why your hairdryer warns you not to get it wet (I’m sure someone decided it was a good idea to cuddle with their hairdryer in the bathtub while it was on). Which is why your coffee cups warn you that the contents are hot (I don’t want to know the idiot who complained about that). Which is why Christmas lights say, “For indoor or outdoor use only” (I don’t know what the alternative would be, but I’m sure someone figured one out, and died). Read here for some more.

But anywho, this guy decided, “Pshaw, laws…” and sent his wife some Valentine’s Day flowers, despite the restraining order. Of course, he ended up in jail. As someone who’s got a restraining order against him for “charges of battery, strangulation and false imprisonment,” it probably would have been a good idea to not break the restraining order…but who knows…I’m assuming he’s still in jail, and I’m okay with that.

Really, Really Stupid:

Sexual fetishes are normally played out in the bedroom…or house…or some private space. Wherever it may be. What probably isn’t a good idea is bringing it out in public, and definitely not if it’s a bondage kinda thang.

This couple was all like, “Umm, whatever, the world is my stage/bed.” Except, it involved this guy tying up and gagging his girlfriend in the back seat of his car, naked. Somehow, they were spotted outside the grocery store. How she ended up in the back of her car naked and all tied up, I don’t know. Did she leave the house like that? Did she become naked along the way? Why was she brought along? She obviously couldn’t help shop looking like that (and definitely not if she was restrained). Did they think that no one would notice? Well, probably.

Except, people noticed, and they had a nice little cop get-together at their house awaiting their return. They were arrested…which must have been awkward. First of all, the girl was naked. I hope they gave her clothes. But secondly, I just can’t even imagine explaining that calmly to an officer. And definitely not while naked. And in jail.

If you’re going to do something that in public, looks illegal, or actually is illegal………………………keep it in the bedroom folks. Love isn’t an excuse for everything. Sometimes you have to explain yourself to people, and you might be naked, and you will definitely look like a jerk. But hay, if that don’t matter to YOU, then the world is your stage/bed.


For fun, I did a Wordle of this post. I assumed “restraining” would be the biggest word (aka most-used…smaller words are less-used)…I was right. Kinda bananasss.

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  1. BahNANah permalink
    February 17, 2012 11:10 am

    LOL What I took away from your Wordie was… Definitely naked. Jail? Like, probably. No BANANA RATING?!?!

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