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Sweet Sundays – Ca$h Monie$ for $mall Bu$ine$$e$

February 19, 2012

While there are an infinite amount of silly people in this world who do horribly silly things, or sometimes, just horrible things, I’m not so cynical that I don’t think there is a decent amount of good out there, too.  Like definitely around 1 tablespoon worth.  Remember my post on Coffee Angels?  Kinda like that.  Which is why I’m officially setting into motion Sweet Sundays at That’s Bananasss — intermittent Sunday posts about the good stuffs in life.  If you hear of anything particularly special, let me know so I can write about it 🙂  Here we goooooooo!


News flash: the economy sucks.  Didn’t know that?  Well, you must live on a deserted island, and I’m not sure how you’re reading this blog right now.  Unless you’re in a LOST-esque situation, and the island you’re on isn’t actually deserted, and there is a weird cultish colony type thing on the other side over the mountains  (I think that’s what happened. I never finished watching after it got weird, so forgive me.).

Speaking of flashing (NO – not that kind…I know there’s been a lot of nudity-talk on here lately but come on.  It’s Sweet Sunday.  This is PG!) — I love flash mobs.  I’ve always wanted to be a part of one.  Even though I can’t really dance.   What’s a flash mob, you ask?  Look at the video below (or WIKI it).  I have a blog post to write.  I can’t always be wasting my time educating you people.

Most recently, cash mobs have been organized all over the country.

No — it’s not what you’re thinking.  You don’t get tons of people together to throw money in the air.  That would be a waste of money for some people (though time really well spent for whoever picked it all up).

Luck recently fell upon Emery’s 5 & 10 in Tennessee, a struggling local business.  Upwards of 800 people (What?? That’s bananasss!! I didn’t know that many people lived in Tennessee!!) streamed into the shop one day, each with some money in their hands.  They had one goal in mind: $PEND $PEND $PEND.  Almost 600 sales later, you better believe the Emery’s owners (who have had the family business since 1927) were supeerrrrr happy.  For a lot of these stores, they’ve probably never had a full store before, and they’ve probably never even had people more than 2 people waiting in a line at the cash register before (and certainly not a line that wrapped around and around and around).

So really it’s a wonderful thing — spending $20 at your local store instead of Target could make a big difference and help keep some of our small, local business afloat, especially if you get your friends to do it too.  🙂

Interested in checking out the mob rules, cash mobs near you, or starting a cash mob of your ownClick here to get to the blog for more information.

Sweet Sunday my loves!  I hope you all enjoy some banana split sundaes.

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