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[Not] Working for the Weekend

April 20, 2012

Do you ever get to work, and feel like you have better things to do? Or maybe you don’t have better things to do. Maybe you’re just bored, and you don’t wanna work. Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you love your job. It’s okay to be bored! It’s Friday — I get it (and a very special Friday at that – you may not even be in yet).

Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself busy while the hours pass by slowly, second by second.

    Read a section of the dictionary. Not only will you look like you’re doing something important because a big book will be sitting on your desk, but you might learn a word or two.

    Create a signature style of handwriting for yourself. Maybe you want to dot your ‘i’s, or heart them. Maybe your ‘y’s will be curly and loopy. Maybe you will write your ‘o’s with smiley faces inside, or puppies. Maybe all your ‘j’s will be purely in capitals. Who knows. Let your imagination soar.

    Create some art. Doodles are fun, sure. But get more creative. Staples? Markers? Highlighters? Post-it notes? I dunno! Be bold. Example from my personal collection (COPYRIGHTED!!!):
    20120420-125222.jpg Careful though. Watch out for this guy.

    Start a blog. Exhibit A: That’s Bananasss.

    Bake a cake. If your office doesn’t have a full kitchen, you can make some jello, or a no-bake Oreo cake.

    Learn morse code.

Or, alternatively, you can get off your tuchas, walk right out of your office and go do something more interesting!

[Disclaimer: I’m not responsible if any of the aforementioned activities get you fired.]

A song to keep you entertained when you’re bored at work:

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