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May the Fourth Be With You

May 4, 2012

Let’s get down to business.

Not only is it FRIDAY — It’s “Star Wars Day“!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know what that means?  It means this day is DOUBLY good.  Wow.  Seriously.  Take advantage of this one.

Because it’s Star Wars Day, you are required by Jedi law to tell everyone you see, “May the Fourth Be With You!!”   You know, instead of, “May the FORCE Be With You!!”  Get it?! CLE-VER.

FURTHERMORE, you are fully within your rights on this day to act as any character from any Star Wars film.  I give you permission.  Keep it under control though.  You KNOWWWW that I love a crazy dude actually thinking he’s a Jedi running around a toy store and trying to start fights with people…but keep it simple, keep it safe, keep it cool.

FURTHERMOREMOREGothamist is holding a National Star Wars Day photoshop competition.  Photoshop Princess Leia (IN A BIKINI, GUYS), or Han Solo, into a picture of New York City, then email your photos to  Alternatively, you can take pictures of yourself around town in various Star Wars outfits.

FURTHERMOREMOREMORE, the official Star Wars website has tons of games, events, and more for you to check out — even e-cards you can send!!! HOORAY!  I already sent a set to my whole family.



That’s Bananasss

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