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Veggies & Cows Unite

May 21, 2012

I just wanted to let you know…

…that this week is National Vegetarian Week!!!!!!!

I know what you’re thinking — and you’re wrong.  I didn’t say National Haze-A-Vegetarian Week. Or National Mock-A-Vegetarian Week.  It’s just, plain old, National Vegetarian Week.

Now, as a long-time vegetarian, this week really means nothing at all to me.  I will go about my business as usual, nibbling on lettuce leaves while my friends eat some fattening, delicious-smelling, oil-soaked bacon.

Hey — maybe you’ve never really been a vegetable-eater, for whatever reason, and that’s okay.  

Asparagus Omelette Dinosaur © That’s Bananasss! 2011-Infinity

  • Maybe you’re scared of them (it’s called Lachanophobia)
  • Maybe you prefer scooting them around on your plate to eating them
  • Maybe you prefer making art with them on your plate to eating them

I don’t know.  Who knows.  I don’t judge (publicly).  

But in the spirit of National Vegetarian Week, take the opportunity to cozy up on the couch with some celery sticks or some tomato slices and eat your damn veggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~*~*~*On ThE fLiP sIdE*~*~*~

Because That’s Bananasss! presents coverage that is FAIR&BALANCED, I’m kindly going to inform you that

This is what you’ve done. Feel guilty.

the month of May is also National Hamburger Month.

So, basically, if you have any of those aforementioned anti-vegetable afflictions, you can also take the time to celebrate meat by chowing down on a good old-fashioned, juicy, bloody, burger.  It will crush my soul, but I’ll support you (though not without judgement…I lied earlier).

Heck — I’ll even lead you right to it.  Click here to find the tastiest dead cows near you!!!!!!!!  And enjoy it.

With amore,

That’s Bananasss!

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